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Everything you need to know - the details.

First, the practicalities.

  • The program will last for 12 months, starting September 2018.
  • You will have an assignment from your first week.
  • You will be employed from day one. The first three months is a probation period.
  • You will get the chance to work at least two of our European sites.
  • We will try and help you to find acommodation.
  • You will have a personal mentor throughout the entire program.

Then, the challenge.

We have a mission and a plan. We understand that there are many ways to reach our goals. We need you to help us find yet unexplored paths.

From day one, you will have a challenging assignment. The assignment is connected to our plan for expansion and will challenge you to perform beyond what you thought was possible.

At IST you will get the chance to learn from the best in the business as well as contributing to, or participating in a constantly developing organization, depending on your own ambition and level of expertise.

You are hired based on skills and potential and will be provided with an accelerated learning curve and you are expected to take on great responsibility. Via our trainee program you will have a solid and challenging career development and become part of our next generation of key contributors in the specialist field.

Still with us? Good. Because it just keeps getting better.

About the structure of the program.

We will customize the content and schedule as we go along and invite lecturers and adjust the training and mentorship depending on your needs and preferred focus area. You will experience different learning situations, "regular job" (around 80% of the time), just in time learning situations, knowledge transfer and inspiration, field trips to different front line enterprises.

Below you see some examples of learning modules in the trainee program 2017 (some 20% of the time). Depending on what challenging task you will work with, some of these may or may not be a part of the trainee program 2018.

  • Innovation and creative processes
  • Disruptive technology and innovation
  • Business transformation and concept development
  • Complexity theory
  • Project management
  • Group development
  • Personal and professional development plan

But the most important part is You.

So, when you're ready, Learn More about what we require from you, and send us your application. click click: IST Trainee

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