Welcome to the IST Galaxy

We are the TwISTers

This is where we make magic happen, where we write code that changes the world, where we’re in constant dialogue with our customers, where we challenge each other and where we never stop learning.

We are the TwISTers. Welcome to our world!

IST Trainee

IST Trainee

Employeeship at IST

Success is difficult to achieve on one’s own. For us to do our best, we need to depend on each other.

These are things that are important to us:

* We face challenges together.
* We take responsibility and keep our promises.
* We are positive and reliable.
* We talk to each other and resolve issues directly.
* We use common sense.
* We grow with change.

Ingelstadsvägen 9
352 34 Växjö (HQ)

Gjerdrumsvei 11
0484 Oslo

Gammel Marbjergvej 9
4000 Roskilde



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