How long have you been with IST?

I started working with IST in October 2012.

What is your background?

Academically my background is a Bachelor in Human Resources at Vaxjo University (yes, before it became Linneaus!). And prior to joining IST I worked with HR at a couple of different places; a small company that arranged different vocational education programs (KY/YH), a municipality in the middle of nowhere, and a company working in the sheet metal industry. Personally I’m born in Östersund, but has lived most of my life here in Växjö. Still has my family spread around the whole country though.

Tell us what you like best about your job?

Tricky one, because I truly love what I’m doing. But trying to avoid clichés, I’d still have to mention the variation. One day can throw you from big questions concerning the future wellbeing of your company, to questions about how much candy we need to buy for an upcoming event. I also like the field of HR in itself, and when interests and occupation match – I’m happy go lucky. And obviously – all my TwISTer colleagues!

What is your “Learn More”?

I’d say I have two different ones actually. I would really like to learn to write code, but since I often feel I need to be best at everything I do, I have quite a steep hill to climb since I’ve never written a line of code in my entire life. And, I also would like to learn to like eggs. To eat them. They are nutritious and good for you, they are quite cheap, they look kinda funny too, but… they taste like something that isn’t suited to mention in a presentation like this. So, if I could learn to eat eggs and actually enjoy it (boiled, fried, or whatever), I’d be so so happy.

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